New York based Russian-American CEO Liana Zavo Finds Light in the Darkest Days as a Mompreneur


Liana Zavo, the chairwoman of her company WMW LOUNGE and also the CEO of ZavoMedia, her communications company based in New York has integrated and materialized her ‘dream come true’ corporate story as a mother, entrepreneur, writer, online personality and speaker. Based in New York, this Russian-American success story is widely known for Liana’s unparalleled work and contribution to public relations and digital marketing.

Through WMW LOUNGE, Liana and her team are working towards formulating a platform for the stream of future female entrepreneurs from various walks of life who still young and in their journey pursuing academic degrees. However, behind the glitz, glam, and social success of her company lies a story that is incredible. Her family background in hospitality and catering always pushed her to achieve greater heights with business and entrepreneurship and Liana’s instincts always knew she had to lead the way for women and young girls. Without guidance, every success story temporarily goes through the test of time and so did Liana’s as she was a victim of bullying during her schooling years. These hours of hardship prepared her to groom herself and become the role-model to women who struggle with identity, confidence, and the fulfillment of single-handed professionalism.

Things took major turns and changed Liana’s perspectives even more after entering motherhood. She knew at once how motherhood changed her its ultimate push instigated her to realize her dreams. Like every daydreamer, she as a young lady also dreamt of conventional happiness in a husband, kids, dogs, a house; but life had other plans for her.

About 13 years ago, college dropout Liana Zavo was handling some of the lowest moments of her life by bringing up her son alone, running between freelance jobs, breakup, financial difficulties, failures, and much more. She got up one day and decided to sort her life. The biggest tip she has for those who are struggling to find happiness is to look for it in the smallest of incidences. She reached closure with her decisions and chose to smile her way out of her miseries. The end was as expected and the first steps towards changing her life came with writing down her mind in safe, non-critical expressions within her own scope.

Liana Zavo has said time and again that nothing can be found easily. It is about how one puts together their experiences, shortcomings, flairs, and every other contrasting virtue and turning them to valuable life lessons. She has learned her part through years of sustaining herself and her son alone but she never learned to give up. Every journey must be different and must also speak stories of failures and disappointments. Without the bitterness of life, one will not be able to identify the blissful remnants at the end of the struggle. As a mother, she also found some of life’s biggest lessons in siring her boy and those little, apparently insignificant virtues came in handy when she looks on the proud role of an entrepreneur. She likes to call herself mompreneur, a nomenclature, and tribute to her corporate as well as personal success.

Founder of ZavoMedia Chairwoman of WMW Lounge
Founder of ZavoMedia Chairwoman of WMW Lounge

Liana Zavo says that hearing someone’s success story is always bliss as it is our tendency to adopt qualities from others and inspire ourselves to reach the zenith. Everyone, the media or the audience wants to know the bright side and their journeys of failures and losses get muddled and disappear along the way. According to her, the lowest point of one’s life gives us more inspiration than anything else. Everyone has to remember where they came from and for Liana, the mantra of her success is the failure that rendered her defeated time and again. She built her confidence over the years as her professional strategies also follow guidance from her life saga. For those women who are handling motherhood and business like a lioness, she salutes their resilience, patience, multitasking skills, and persistence that pushed them to accomplish their dreams.

Another critical turning point in her life was after she read Napoleon Hill’s book called Think and Grow Rich. She knew at once that personal stories can influence people more than anything else and her journey of discovering women of knowledge and power began. This was again the initial step before she found her media company, ZavoMedia specializing in marketing strategies and public relations that caters to female patrons and entrepreneurs.

After putting together a team of editors, writers, and media experts, they went through a tough time pitching their idea to investors but their undefeated impetus and conviction led to a successful set-up. The company runs podcasts and interviews where C-level female executives serve as mentors and pass down their wisdom by coaching young girls from schools, orphanages, and colleges. The leadership programs are aimed at building confidence and empowerment so that the next wave of women entrepreneurs can effectively and effortlessly balance their corporate and personal fronts. Their podcasts are based on topics of personal branding, content marketing, brand awareness, leading with confidence, authenticity and pushing past adversity. 

The podcast, ‘What Makes A Woman’ has already garnered momentum as a platform for sharing stories. Thinking about one’s own aspirations while being a mother is not looked down upon; instead, it gives women a liberation of taking actions of their dreams and desires. Liana says that life progresses on an undulating plane and nothing is ever going to be stagnant, be it sorrow or happiness. It is in one’s own hands to carve their future paths and happiness is the only optimism that one should never forget to accept with open arms. Through her story, she has not only inspired many women to break out of their shortcomings and find a life that would lead them to ultimate happiness. Life is a process of learning and unlearning so one should be resilient in their interpretations and once that closure is achieved, it is their duty to show others the right path to doing the same.

Liana Zavo is finally at a point in her life where she is unapologetically happy not just because of her own favorable outcomes but also because she has created a platform for those who are struggling with their decisions and actions. Life is about being grateful and making the right choices. Decisions never cease to change and one must always choose that path of happiness for themselves first before helping others. Liana has emerged as a true role model as she proudly shoulders the responsibility of her professional commitments while maintaining a sound personal life as well. As she leads the way for the future wave to claim the throne of terminal happiness, she will continue to spread her words of wisdom for her fellow womanhood.

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